Erik Annan & Deirdre Rynne October 22, 2016 Scituate, Massachusetts

Erik proposed on May 22, 2016 at one of our favorite sunset spots at the Lars Anderson Park in Brookline, Massachusetts.

THANK YOU!!!!! Heartfelt thanks to our parents Chris & Suzanne for throwing one hell of a party! Thank you to Sandie & Charlie for a lovely rehearsal dinner at the Mill Wharf. Most especially thank you to our siblings/people of honor Jameson, Bridget and Patrick. Thank you to Fr. John Arens for his spiritual guidance and for a beautiful ceremony. Thank you to Diane Dyson and the angelic voices of the St. Mary's Children's Choir! Thank you to St. Mary's of the Nativity Parish. Thank you to Scituate Harbor Yacht Club and the incredible team from Orta led by the immensely talented Brett & Cara Williams, the food was exceptionally good! Applause and thanks to East Coast Soul for their tremendous energy, talent and professionalism! What a band! Thank you to Jesse & Allison Stansfield of 52 Photo Studio for being not only our friends but also with us the entire day in rain and wind snapping away! The photo booth was gold! Thank you to Cindy McEachern for her thoughtful and creative eye to flowers that even had hops in them! Thank you to her equally talented daughters Jenna and Lisa for one of the best cakes any of us has ever had! Thank you to Jacqui Bailey who tamed Deirdre's Irish hair and made sure the three Rynne women had hair that stayed in place on a rainy and windy day! Thank you to BC Tent for making the entire event stress free even though it was wicked windy! Heartfelt Gratitude to all who joined us to celebrate our wedding. If we could have had everyone who has impacted our lives present, we would have.

Wedding Registry for Deirdre and Erik:

The greatest gift for Erik and Deirdre is TRULY our relationships with such an incredible circle of friends and family! For those who are interested in getting a present to help us start our lives together: at our age we have amassed a fair deal of household necessities (we are more in need of furniture upgrades) but have registered some items we do not already have or could use an upgrade on at CRATE & BARREL and MACY'S and for some improvements for our camp dining & travel at REI.

Erik & Deirdre:

 The rain let up and we snapped some photos! More to come in upcoming weeks from  52 Studio . The link will bring you to their Facebook page :)

The rain let up and we snapped some photos! More to come in upcoming weeks from 52 Studio. The link will bring you to their Facebook page :)

Erik grew up in Salem, New Hampshire. He is the son of two adoring parents, Sandie & Charlie Annan, and loving brother to Jameson and brother-in-law Michael LaMalfa-Annan. A family man, Erik enjoys spending time with his family at home on Canobie Lake. Erik had an early vocational calling to work with intellectually challenged, physically handicapped, and abused children. Over the years, Erik has worked with the most challenging children and done so with patience, kindness and big-hearted empathy. Erik is an Elementary School Special Needs/Behavioral Teacher who has worked in the Merrimack Valley and most recently in Waltham while advancing his education through professional development. Admired by many, and most especially his students, "Mr. A" has a reputation for being an anchor of support to many. Thoughtful and genuine, Erik is a born teacher with an ability to peacefully calm the most chaotic of circumstances. Humble, he never seeks attention for the good work he does bringing stability to those who need it the most. Erik has lent his talents to several recreational baseball and softball teams as an outfielder and according to his father and former coach (father) Charlie, has made some "very agile and impressive plays for a man of his size." A die-hard Red Sox fan, and a multi-season award winning Fantasy Football participant, Erik is a bit of a sports guru. On our wedding day the boys wore Red Sox ties! Recently, he has rediscovered skiing and according to Deirdre and the Rynne family has made the most aggressive improvement they have ever seen in a skier. He's got the bug! Erik enjoys hiking throughout New Hampshire and has started a quest to climb each mountain in the Presidential Range. In 2015 Erik decided he really wanted to kayak the Merrimack River! Along with his supportive brother, Jamie (who had a broken toe!) and good friend Dave, the trio kayaked 23 miles from Lawrence to Newburyport over the course of 6 hours. A perfect day for Erik would be enjoying a craft beer, a vegetable free meal, while watching a game with family after a day spent outside. It was very special to us that Cindy McEachern put beer hops in the bouquet and boutineers! 

Deirdre grew up in Scituate, Massachusetts. She is the daughter of beloved parents Suzanne & Christopher Rynne, sister to her cherished siblings Bridget, Patrick, fur child, Scuppers, proud aunt of fur niece, Ona and grandaughter to her tremendously supportive and wise grandmother, Joan Forde. The oldest grandchild on each side, Deirdre realized her talents with children early on and enjoyed sharing her passion for art and adventure with young ones. She has always loved hats and wears a lot of them too! Coaching sailing in Scituate Harbor and onwards throughout New England, Deirdre fostered many friendships on the water sailing competitively as well as ski racing. She continues to ride waves and chairlifts with those very friends! Academics never came easy to Deirdre, but with the cheerleading and incredible support of her devoted parents, she developed skills that she believes inspired her to teach. She has inspired many young men to achieve and realize unrecognized potential and actively gives back to her community through meaningful service projects and volunteerism. A bookworm, often reading/listening to upwards of 100 books annually, Deirdre is always thirsty to learn. Despite earning two degrees in Literature, she answered the challenge to teach Studio Art & Art History to 7-12th grade boys at St. Sebastian's where she has taught and coached skiing & sailing since 2002. After a number of summers as Sailing Director at Edgartown Yacht Club, Deirdre decided to pursue professional development and answer her gypsy drum traveling the world with friends. She is especially grateful for her sister Bridget who did her makeup and nails and to her brother Patrick who drove the family on her wedding day! The Irish genes run strong in Deirdre; she LOVES telling and writing stories! Though she has been lucky enough to travel the world and fortunate to have unbelievable experiences, Deirdre loves nothing more than sharing stories and laughs with family and friends in beautiful New England.  

Together, we recognized early on that we have much in common. We share a strong desire to leave the world a better place, especially through our vocational calling to educate youth. We both work hard to be the best teachers we can be and are committed to continuing our own education. We both take our relationships and friendships very seriously and are there to cheer and support our loved ones in good times and bad. When Erik proposed to Deirdre he shared how much it means to him that she is always there making time despite how busy she is, not only for him, but for everyone. Deirdre shared that she never takes for granted how everyone, can count on Erik to be emotionally and physically present despite the challenging days he faces. We adore our friends and family. We love trying new recipes, visiting new places, discovering new music, and sampling new craft beer! We do not take for granted how blessed we are to have our health share a belief that life is precious and too short to be caught up in material and silly things! Fortunately for Deirdre, Erik is always game for an adventure that requires a costume. We both love making people smile and laugh and giving hugs! 

We are both grateful to have so many models of healthy and happy relationships and the support of countless friends and family members. Our greatest gift to us will be your presence. Most of all we are beyond blessed to have unbelievable parents and are so thankful they have made this celebration possible.

Heartfelt thanks for being such a supportive part of our lives,

Erik & Deirdre