Photo Credit: Tom Kates

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." -Michelangelo

Much like Michelangelo’s vision of freeing the sculpture from the stone, I believe it is a teacher’s task to identify and develop their student's strengths. In Art, many students do not believe in their artistic talents and consequently they neither cultivate nor challenge themselves to improve. I believe that each individual possess an inherent ability to be creative and my aim is to encourage their strengths, nourish their confidence and improve their weaknesses. I strive to create a productive and open space where student artists are equal parts structurally challenged and free to self-direct their artistic ambitions. My classroom is not a space where phrases such as: “I can’t” or “I give up” are allowed. As for the fruits of their labor? The talent is all theirs. My task is just helping them discover it. I am privileged to work with young men willing to explore their hidden talents and I am so very proud of their achievements! My aim in this portion of my website is to share my student's work, some of the projects we are working on, and share some of the stories Art tells us.